Ben Snof – The Journey ‘2010

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Year: 2010
Artist: Ben Snof
Album: The Journey
Style: Messianic / Worship / Pop /
Quality: 128kbps
Format: mp3
Size: 55mb
language: Hebrew


1) If I forget thee Jerusalem.
2) Daily canopy.
3) Song of virtues.
4) lily.
5) Garden Stars.
6) journey.
7) Children of God – a duet with Moshik Afia.
8) voices.
9) The woman of my life.
10) again.
11) and where children have come home.
12) Spirit in our midst.
13) shook.
14) If I forget thee Jerusalem remix.

Journey “is a third single from the new album Ben affiliation to read” The Journey “. A significant voice affiliation little hard to describe in words, depth comes from the throat can lead to human soul to her she needs a quiet end of the day … year affiliation with the angelic voice is one of the singers known rare Hebrew music. Ben’s full album will include many surprises affiliation, forthcoming.

Ben affiliation (22.5) was born in a religious family in Safed.
When he was 13 was a musical phenomenon. He recorded a debut album soon after left the music world to study at the meeting.

Two years ago, when he met future wife, created a connection between father and son – Hebron Trabelsi. Hebron took him under his wing and decided to return the boy wonder where he belonged. He produced for the debut album “Here he comes” sold thousands of copies, without the support of a label or a professional.

“If I forget thee O Jerusalem” – the first song from the album a huge success and became an anthem of countless brides and grooms who married last year. The song became one of the most rebel Songs cellular networks (tens of thousands of downloads) and won more than half a million hits Bio. Reclamation.

The “journey” Jasmine Yogev wrote and composed also produced and arranged the album.



14 трек бомбежный 😀

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Ben Snof – The Journey ‘2010

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