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Discografias Completas

Discografia Youth Alive

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Antiguo 27-Mar-2009   #1 (permalink)
Lightbulb Discografia Youth Alive

Bueno, alguien me comento que una cancion que escuchaba no era de Hillsongs Australia como yo pensaba sino de éste grupo Youth Alive Al darme cuenta, vi qu emi error era que bajando cosas de Hillsongs, mezcladas venian cosas de este grupo, que es muy parecido, pero en definitiva, distinto. Aca les dejo su discografia para que puedan reconocerlo y descargar lo que les falte. Bendiciones........

Totally Radical 2

Show Your Glory Album

1. Show Your Glory
2. Without Him
3. The Enemy's Defeated
4. Revival
5. Sanctify
6. Armed And Dangerous
7. Fire
8. Praise Him
9. I Am Not Ashamed
10. Lord Take My Eyes
11. Blessing
12. Holy
13. I'm Your Child / I'll Take This Time
14. Show Your Glory (Alternate Mix)

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Rock The Flock Album

1. Intro: The Vivaldi Jets - Binding the Strongman
2. I Will Sing A New Song
3. I Am Not Ashamed
4. As The Coming Of The Lord Draws Near
5. Revival
6. All Things
7. This Is Holy Ground
8. We Are Standing
9. Here I Am
10. The Enemy's Defeated
11. I Am Redeemed / Stand Up And Shout It
12. Shine Jesus Shine / Revival (reprise)

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Y A - Rock the Flock.zip - the, best, muisc[/hide]

Totally Radical 3 (1992)
No caratula

1. Intro
2. Your Name
3. We Will Rise
4. I Walk By Faith
5. You Are My Rock/ You've Been Good To Me
6. You Give Me Shelter
7. Standing On The Rock
8. The Power Of Your Love
9. Hear Me Calling/ Blessing, Honour/ Holy One Of God
10. The Great Southland
11. Let It Shine
12. The Great Southland (Reprise)

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Fire It Up (1994)

1. Fire It Up
2. God has All the Grace & Power
3. Praisin
4. Back in This Crowded House
5. The Stone’s Been Rolled Away
6. Your Love
7. Shout to the Lord
8. Sweetness of Your Word
9. In Spirit in Truth
10. Soul Survive
11. All Honour
12. I Can Feel

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Jump To The Jam (1994)

1. "In the Gap" (instrumental; music: Wayne Davis)
2. "God Has All the Grace and the Power" (words and music: David Evans)
3. "We Declare the Power" (words and music: Bruce Robertson)
4. "I Can Feel Your Love" (words and music: Paul Iannuzzelli)
5. "Give It Up" (words and music: Wayne Davis)
6. "I Wanna Be with You" (words and music: Iannuzzelli)
7. "I Just Love You So Much" (words and music: Iannuzzelli)
8. "Jump to the Jam" (words and music: Iannuzzelli)
9. "Song from Heaven" (words and music: Chris Falson)
10. "Jesus Lover of My Soul" (words and music: John Ezzy, Daniel Grul and Stephen McPherson)
11. "Shout to the Lord" (words and music: Darlene Zschech)
12. "You Will Always Be" (words and music: McPherson)
13. "Always Singing Your Praise" (words and music: Zschech)
14. "Send It on Down" (words and music: Geron Davis)

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Chosen One (1996)

1. "Let the Fire"
2. "Salvation"
3. "Sing Hallelujah"
4. "Chosen One"
5. "You Are Holy Lord"
6. "You Are My Lord"
7. "Fire"
8. "I Give You My Heart"
9. "And That My Soul Knows Very Well"
10. "The Real Thing"
11. "Steppin' Out"
12. "Power to Ya"

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Aliens from Planet Worship (1996)

1. MC in Tha’ House
2. Techno Joy
3. Aliens
4. Desert Winds
5. Jump to the Jam
6. No-One Else but You
7. Holy Spirit Eyes
8. Worship Medley: Something Beautiful-Turn Your Eyes-He is Lord
9. He is Exalted
10. I Ever Will Proclaim

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The Plan (1998)

1. "Window of Heaven" (Colin Battersby)
2. "Serve the Man" (Matt Wakeling & Adam Primossich)
3. "Are You Hungry" (Kate Spence)
4. "True Disciple" (Dominic Kelsall)
5. "Anything (for You)" (Reuben Morgan)
6. "U.R.Y." (Spence)
7. "Fill My Heart" (Simon Refalo)
8. "God Made the World" (Paul Denham)
9. "Real" (words and music: Denham, Peter King & Marty Sampson)
10. "Light My Way" (Wakeling & Tepa Faletoese)

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Huge: Live on New Year's Eve (1998)

Enough is enough
Windows of heaven
Let your fire fall
Lord we need a reviva
In your likeness
Saviour of my soul
Jesus infector
Never be forgotten
Don't you walk away

[hide]Huge_ New Year's Eve Live By Miguel(On).rar[/hide]

One (1999)

1. "Exist" (Paul Denham)
2. "Cure" (words: Kate Spence; music: Michael Neal & Lucas Parry)
3. "I Need You" (Matt Wakeling)
4. "Melt" (words: Babette Rae; music: Warren Jackson & Peter King)
5. "Always Forever" (Spence)
6. "Love Song" (Simon Refalo)
7. "Deeply in Love" (Spence)
8. "Godly Vibe" (words: Dominic Kelsall; music: Greg Griffiths & Denham)
9. "Gotta Get More" (Denham)
10. "Save Them" (Spence)

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Phenomena (1999)

1. Live 4 U
2. Praise Him
3. Phenomena
4. Doin’ It God’s Way
5. It’s All About Jesus
6. Clouds of Praise
7. Jesus in You
8. Have Your Way
9. Redemptions Day
10. Everything I Need
11. You Are the One
12. No Right

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Awake (2000)

1.Live In Me
2.I Found Love
4.All Day
6.My Freedom
8.Bless The Lord
9.All I Really Want
10.Save The People
11.Never Alone
12.Follow You

[hide]Y A - Awake.zip - the, best, music[/hide]

The best of Youth Alive (2000)

1. Praise Him - Phenomena
2. Sweet Mystery - WPP
3. You Came Down - Burn
4. Live in Me - Awake
5. Dissolved - Mediator
6. Saviour of My Soul - Huge
7. It’s All About Jesus - Phenomena
8. Restoration - WPP
9. Something to Hold - Mediator
10. Bless the Lord - Awake
11. Lord We’re Asking - Burn
12. Never Be Forgotten - Huge

[hide]Y A - The Best of Youth Alive Australia.zip - the, best, music[/hide]

El que me ama, mi palabra guardará; y mi Padre le amará, y vendremos a él, y haremos morada con él. Jn 14:23

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