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Varios Electroniko 4!!!

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Antiguo 24-Nov-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Talking Varios Electroniko 4!!!

buenoo ya ke por lo visto les gustaron los aportes anterioress aki les atraigo mas ke bueno ke sea de bendicion, ke todos esten bien

Dj Tony Foxx "Big Fat Beat" - 2009

Track list:

01. Big Fat Beat
02. Drugfree
03. As an dear
04. My redeemer lives (remix)
05. I feel Good
06. Let the base kick

Dj Tony Foxx ''Big Fat Beat'' - 2009.zip

Dj Tony Foxx - In God We Trust (2010)

1. Blessed be Your Name (remix)
2. God, the Father (remix)
3. Hoseanna (remix)
4. I believe
5. I have a dream (feat Martin Luther King)
6. Intimacy (remix)
7. Intro In God We Trust
8. Leviticus 14
9. Open the eyes of my heart (remix)
10. Promised Land (feat. Martin Luther King)
11. Run to You (remix)
12. Symphony no 40 (Mozart 09 remix)
13. We are still here!
14. What about yours

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dj cmd "Dance 25 (Transformation)" - 2009

Track list:

01. Tenth Ave North "Hold My Heart" (Ziggybets Remix)
02. Digital Aura "Lift Your Head Up"
03. Dream Lab "The One"
04. Dj Miximus "Father God" (YHWH Remix)
05. Dima "Tried This Tried That" (Ziggybeats Remix)
06. Alejandro Cesar feat. Nate Marialke "Intimacy" (Rework)
07. Dave Dj "My Future (Is In Christ)"

dj cmd ''Dance 25 (Transformation)'' - 2009.mp3

taras Om - First (christian drum'n'bass session) 2009

Shaz sparkz – red sky (john b remix)
Kubiks – mindreader (heast remix)
Lomax – Thinks to come
Kubiks and BCee - Autumn
The Edge
Corotex - Invincible1
DBA – falling (john b remix)

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dj cmd "Dance 24 (Always On My Mind)" - 2009

Track list:

01. Triple-D "Haste" (Original Mix)
02. Dj Onix "Brazilian Hole Beat"
03. Walker & JacKevin "It's Rain Again"
04. Dj FreverT "Signals Of Your Coming" (Radio Edit)
05. Siminz "Prostrate" (Smart Casual Mix)
06. Andrew Benett Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw "Heaven Sent" (Andrew Benett, Tom Cloud Remix)
07. Dj Miximus "Already Over" (Pt 2 RMX)
08. Plumb "Hang On" (Pete Hammond Extended Mix)

dj cmd ''Dance 24 (Always On My Mind)'' - 2009.mp3

Soul Survivor - Remixed '2009

Track list:

01. You're the Light - Ben Cantelon
02. Dancing Generation - Tim Hughes
03. Your Name High - Ben Cantelon
04. Join with the Angels - Lex Buckley
05. Happy Day - Tim Hughes
06. We Will Dance (For Your Glory) - Ben Cantelon
07. Blessed Be Your Name - Tim Hughes

Deposit Files

taras Om - Stream (Christian trance only) (2009)

Charly and Andy - For Ariel (Gerald D. Remix)
Kenneth thomas ft betsy - strong creature
lolo- Why
Ryan Farish - Believe (Novemeber Mix)
Gewin Koudijs - On Change
Joe Amstrong - Crazy (original mix)
P.O.D. - youth of nation ( pulsedriver dance mix)
Airwave - Urban Touareg (vocal mix)
Quillroader - One more chance
Ryan Farish - In This Moment (Summer Mix)


taras Om - Stream 2 (Christian trance only) (2009) parte 2

Coretex - heaven is close ( club mix)
Gerald Duboi - Without you
One Republic - Not over ( kennet thomas remix)
The Fray - you found me ( Lenny b mix)
Karl Forde - Awakening
Shiloh, Derrick Wilson - VSOP
Major pax - Nightrider
Noel sanger - One More Time ( solarity instrumental)
Plumb - Hang On (Dave Aude Extended mix)

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Suzy Yaraei - Spin (2007)
Track list:
01 Dance (Arcanum's RollaRink ReMix)
02 God is Love (4.4 edit)
03 Free World
04 Come Up Here (This Be Worship ReMix)
05 Psalm 91 (Ambient Swirl ReMix)
06 Where Can I Go?
07 Move of God (Moving In Dub ReMix)
08 Shining (Irredescent Lattitude)
09 Psalm 29
10 Spend Ourselves On You (Spent RMX Feat. Joel Khouri)
11 Dance (Furious Love Dub)


dj cmd "Dance 22 (Spiritual Things)" - 2009

Track list:

01. Andy Hunter "Amazing" (TyDi Original Mix)
02. Dj Onix "New Electro Praise"
03. Alex MORPH feat. Katie Marne "Spirit" (Original Mix)
04. Antolini And Montorsi "Father" (Hardtrance Mix)
05. Kleys Vs Kiddush Project "Faith Spiral"
06. Chris Tomlin "Let God Arise" (Nuckless Club Mix)


Code Of Ethics - Blaze (1993)

Code Of Ethics - Blaze (1993)
Исполнитель: Code Of Ethics
Альбом: Blaze
Дата выпуска: 1993
Жанр: Electronic / Dance
Формат | Качество: 192 Kbps
Размер файла: 56.2 MB

Track list:
01 - Better and Better
02 - Exalted
03 - Father
04 - Hallelujah 2000
05 - I Love You, Lord; Here Is My Heart (Medley)
06 - Move Me
07 - My Everything
08 - Pslam 19
09 - Pure and Holy
10 - Still You Love

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taras Om - Dance in His Glory 6 (2009)

Track list:

Jonas Brothers - Paranoid (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)
Fray - You Found Me ( Lenny B. Full Vocal Ed )
Kelly Clarkson - I Do Not Hook Up (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
Mary marry - Get Up (dance mix)
Natasha Benefield - Angel (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
Krystal Meyers - Feel So Right
The Afters - Never Going Back to OK (dance mix)

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dj cmd "Dance 21 (No More Tears)" - 2009

Track list:

01. Dj Onyx Vs La Rue "Someday" (Remixed)
02. Jessica "Do You Know The Love Of The Father" (Triple-D Remix)
03. Phillips Craig And Dean "Revelation Song" (Ziggybeats Remix)
04. Kleys Aka Dj Yadah "Human Design"
05. Lucy Britten "Nothing Compares (With Your Love)"
06. New Cult "I Love Jesus" (Original Mix)
07. Dj Sixty-Six "The Lord Bless And Keep You"

dj cmd ''Dance 21 (No More Tears)'' - 2009.mp3

GOD club MUSIC - DJ PANAMKA set mix for christian club "Pulse" (2009)

Track list:

01.Dj Alex Laine - Club remix 01
02.Dj Alex laine(mix first day)
04.Bass Kleph - Karton-never_too_late_(original_mix).mp3
05.DJ Panamka ( original mix jusr cry for me)
06.Daalak (instrumental club mix)
07.Bass Kleph - twocker-stitch_(original_mix)
08.Djmodulation - we love is now for me alow (original mix)
09.Bass kleph, Anthony Paul - helium_(original_mix)
10.Bass kleph - bump_uglies_(original_mix)
11.Bass kleph - kc_kelevra-bring_it_back_(adam_sharpe_remix)
12.DJ Sveshnikov-Electro Mix
13.DJ PANAMKA for club Pulse (original mix)
15.Martin sharp - wayward_son_club_mix
16.Superchic[k] - We Live (ThumpMonks vs. Superchic[k] mix)
17.Ikon - Feel It (Mark Webb Remix)
18.Daalak - Tam( Club mix)
19.Daalak - (mark webb remix)
20.Daalak - Music dont stop(club mix)
21.Mark Webb - Look up by

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