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Discografias Completas

Petra - Discografia Completa -A

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Antiguo 17-Jul-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Thumbs up Petra - Discografia Completa -A

Back to the Street - 1986

1. Back To The Street
2. You Are I Am
3. Shakin' The House
4. King's Ransom
5. Whole World
6. Another Crossroad
7. Run For Cover
8. Fools Gold
9. Altar Ego
10. Thankful Heart

[hide]P - Back To The Street .zip - :isfrutalo:::http://www.**************.*************/[/hide]

Not Of This World - 1983

1. Visions (Doxology)
2. Not Of This World
3. Bema Seat
4. Grave Robber
. Blinded Eyes
6. Not By Sight
7. Lift Him Up
8. Pied Piper
9. Occupy
10. Godpleaser
11. Visions(Reprise)(Doxology)


This Mean War! - 1987

1 All the King's Horses
2 Dead Reckoning
3 Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
4 Get on Your Knees and Fight Like a Man
5 He Came He Saw He Conquered
6 I Am Available
7 Kenaniah
8 The Water is Alive
9 This Means War
10 You Are My Rock

[hide]P - This Means War! .zip - :isfrutalo:::http://www.**************.*************/[/hide]

Captured In Time And Space -1985

1. Beat the system
2. Greg X Volz Speech
3. Computer brains - Clean
4. Mark Kelly Speech
5. Grave Robber
6. Bob Hartman Speech
7. Speak to the Sky
8. Greg X Volz and John Larry Speech
9. Hollow Eyes
10. The Rock Medley (Stand Up / Not By Sight / Judas' Kiss)
11. The Mellow Medley (The Coloring Song / Road To Zion / More Power To Ya)
12. The SOLOS (John's Solo / Jesus Loves You / The Race / Bob's Solo / Louie's Solo)
13. The Praise Medley (Let Everything That Hath Breath / Without Him We Can Do Nothing / Praise Ye The Lord / Hallelujah Chorus)
14. Godpleaser
15. The Great I Am
16. It's Finished

[hide]P - This Means War! .zip - :isfrutalo:::http://www.**************.*************/[/hide]

Beat the system - 1985

1. Beat the System
2. Computer Brains
3. Clean - Audio
4. It Is Finished
5. Voice in the Wind
6. God Gave Rock and Roll to You - Audio
7. Witch Hunt
8. Hollow Eyes
9. Speak to the Sky
10. Adonai

[hide]P - Beat the System .zip - :isfrutalo:::http://www.**************.*************/[/hide]

Never Say Die - 1981

1. The Coloring Song
2. Chameleon
3. Angel of Light
4. Killing My Old Man
5. Without Him We Can Do Nothing
6. Never Say Die
7. I Can Be Friends With You
8. For Annie
9. Father of Lights
10. Praise Ye the Lord

[hide]P- Never Say Die.zip - :isfrutalo:::http://www.**************.*************/[/hide]

Wake Up Call - 1993

1. Midnight Oil
2. Good News
3. Strong Convictions
4. He's Been in My Shoes
5. Praying Man
6. Underneath the Blood
7. Sleeping Giant
8. Believer in Deed
9. Marks of the Cross
10. Just Reach Out

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Unseen Power - 1991

1. Destiny
2. Who's on the Lord's Side
3. Ready, Willing, and Able
4. Hand on My Heart
5. I Need to Hear from You
6. Dance
7. Secret Weapon
8. Sight Unseen
9. Hey World
10. In the Likeness of You


Te AMO porque me amaste primero, no hice nada, nada para que me ames asiii!!
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